We believe a vibrant community needs free public space for meetings, programs, training sessions, and events. We welcome you to celebrate your special day or event at the library!

Patrons may place up to 12 reservations up to 90 days in advance. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

We have spaces that can accommodate from six to 200 guests.

Room use is free if it is during regular library hours and is self-serve with minimum staff assistance required.

Reservations subject to fees include:

  • Outside regular library hours
  • Events on the LivingLearning Roof
  • Events where a fee is being charged to attend and/or items or services are offered for sale
  • Events with fundraising of any kind, regardless of non-profit status
A woman in a purple sweater cuts material on a table in Whipple Auditorium

Frequently Asked Questions

The library has various spaces available for public use. Fees and rates vary depending on the facility and scope of the event. The library reserves the right to review each prospective use and determine whether that use falls within the meeting room user guidelines. Use of the premises may be terminated at any time if the conduct of the group or any member of the group is disruptive to library service, or in violation of the library’s behavior policies. All activities and programs conducted in library buildings are subject to the general rules and regulations of the Cedar Rapids Public Library. The library reserves the right to open a space up to the public if a group has not arrived for their space 30 minutes after the reserved time has begun.

At Ladd Library, free, non-metered parking is available in the lot in front of the building. 

At the Downtown Library, free, non-metered parking is available for up to two hours per day in the south lot. Library visitors may also receive up to two hours of free parking at any metered space in the Fourth Avenue parking ramp, or any of the spaces around the library block or Greene Square.

A coupon code good for up to two hours of free parking is available at the Downtown Library. Visitors should remember their license plate number when parking, then visit the north vestibule of the library to see the displayed code. The code works like a coupon code for up to two hours of free parking.

Event hosts are solely responsible for informing event attendees of the parking time limit and availability. The metered spaces surrounding the library building are two-hour spaces only. Spaces around Greene Square and in the Fourth Avenue Parkade have a 10-hour limit. There will be no exceptions made for groups using the library for meeting space; vehicles may not exceed the two hour parking limit in the south lot for any reason. 

Parking is free downtown after 6 p.m. and on weekends. The library does not offer any special parking for special events. Arrangements for special parking can be made directly with Park Cedar Rapids at (319) 365-7275.

Groups may book a meeting room up to 90 days in advance. There is a limit of 12 reservations per 90 days.

Food is allowed to be brought in and consumed for personal use. Potluck or food made at home is also allowed. However, at the Downtown Library, any store-bought or catered food, brought in to be consumed by a group with one paying individual, organization, or company (i.e. any event which provides food to attendees) must be purchased through Roasters Coffeehouse, located within the library. To use the caterer of your choice, you must pay a $2 per person fee, up to $250. This only applies to the Downtown Library.


The consumption of alcoholic beverages falls under special event criteria and requires Library Board of Trustees approval, and incurs additional costs and insurance.

The library has some A/V equipment available for use. Most meeting rooms include a projector, screen, podium, and microphones. The library does not provide laptop computers for connecting to the projector. It is the patron’s responsibility to verify the A/V equipment meets their needs. The library is not responsible for the sound and video quality of A/V presentations or compatibility with the patron’s equipment or media. If you need to verify the A/V equipment in advance, please contact the library to schedule a time.

Library staff will show the patron the A/V control system and provide information to operate its components from the control panel (microphones, projectors, screens, DVD player). It is the patron's responsibility to become familiar with the control panel in order to operate the equipment needed. The library will not operate the equipment during the event unless prior arrangements have been made – a fee will be assessed for this service.

Library staff do not generally assist with the set up or tear down of library-owned tables and chairs for meetings and events. If you would like them to do set-up or tear-down of tables and chairs for your event, you must let us know at least two weeks in advance. There is a fee assessed for each service. Additional technical assistance is possible but must be planned more than two weeks in advance, and there is a fee. For either of these services, please reach out to us at events@crlibrary.org or call the library at (319) 261-7323.

No, the library cannot accept messages for your meeting, and library numbers may not be listed for information regarding your meeting. The library requests all printed materials, press releases, posters, and other information include a contact number for your group. The library will not promote your meeting through our digital signs or on our website.

Yes, the library will try to accommodate your request for a tour on the day of your meeting; however, tour guides are not always available. Tour requests must be made at least thirty days in advance of the meeting.

In the event the library must close due to inclement weather, any meetings scheduled for that day will be canceled. Payment refunds will follow the cancellation policy.

In the event the facility is being used for a fundraiser, a fee will be assessed.

No private or public meetings charging or collecting admission on the premises will be allowed without express permission. A fee will be assessed.

If you are interested in holding your wedding or event at the library, you may place a hold on that date with a reservation fee of $100 plus a 50% deposit paid within two weeks. Reservation fees are non-refundable.

The library does not allow the promotion or advertisement of any brand other than the Cedar Rapids Public Library brand. No signs, banners, or promotional materials may be placed in the public areas of the building. This includes the Urban Plaza, sidewalk, or lawn areas of the building, as well as doors. Any products, signs, or promotional material must be displayed or take place solely within the clients rented space (if a public space, after public hours) with the approval of the library.

Roasters Coffeehouse is the preferred caterer for the Downtown Library. Any store-bought or catered food, brought in to be consumed by a group with one paying individual, organization, or company (i.e. any event which provides food to attendees) must be purchased through Roasters Coffeehouse, located within the library. To use the caterer of your choice, you must pay a $2 per person fee, up to $250, to Roasters. This only applies to the Downtown Library.

All renting parties for events will be required to sign and comply with a standard facilities use agreement in order to use library spaces. In addition, if liquor is served, a Special Event Application listing the caterer holding the liquor license must be processed through the Board of Trustees. Contracts are not negotiable. Various levels of insurance may be required depending upon the nature of the event.

Pictures are welcome in the library, but advance notice is required for photo shoots or filming. Please contact the Community Relations team at least two weeks prior to the date requested. The library reserves the right to decline involvement in any project or photo shoot and to approve any scene or image in which the library may be featured for promotional purposes. Access to the library or library materials must not be blocked for patrons at any time.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and can begin as early as 7 am and go no later than 11 pm. Event setup and cleanup must be included in the reservation time. All parties involved in an event, including DJs, caterers, and other outside vendors, must be out of the building completely by the end of the reservation time. If an event runs over the time reserved, a fee of double the hourly rate will be charged, with a minimum charge of $200.

The library will determine the number of events to be operated simultaneously in the library, and we do not guarantee you sole use of the library building except in the locations contracted.

The library reserves the right to open the space up to the public if the group or persons reserving a space has not shown up 30 minutes after the start of the reservation. Please arrive when you have reserved the space.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are available at both library locations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each room can be used for an hour at a time. Reservations cannot be made in advance.