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Spring Focus 2024

Spring Focus 2024 has arrived! Check in on the latest updates and upcoming events from the Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation and Friends of the Cedar Rapids Public Library. 

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What Your Gifts Support

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – Research shows that children who grow up with books in their home will achieve three more years of education than those who do not. Our Imagination Library provides Cedar Rapids children one free, age-appropriate book per month from birth to their fifth birthday, regardless of income. These high-quality books are mailed to the child’s home with the child’s name on them. Children enrolled at birth will have 60 books in their home before kindergarten, promoting early Literacy and kindergarten readiness. To date, we’ve mailed more than 343,000 books to children in Cedar Rapids.


Preschool Outreach – Through recorded monthly story times at preschools serving low-income children, library staff engage students in the five early literacy practices of Sing, Talk, Read, Write, and Play. Since 1990, the preschool outreach program has provided story time books for children to take home and healthy snacks for parent-teacher meetings and graduation ceremonies. The preschool outreach program supports early Literacy and provides Access to library services for families who might struggle to make it through our doors.


PressReader – PressReader provides unlimited access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top newspapers and magazines. Supporting Access and Inclusion, this resource offers publications from several different and in multiple languages. Titles our patrons can access include The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Daily Mail, L’Equipe, Der Taggesspiegel, Liberation, China Daily, and LaRazon, along with thousands of others.


Books & Materials – The library’s books and materials keep our patrons engaged and equipped with well cared-for and maintained literature, videos, music, ebooks, and more. The Foundation has helped enhance the library’s commitment to Literacy collections through donor gifts since 1985, as well as a commitment to Inclusion with ever-expanding selections to meet our patron's needs. 


Library Staff Appreciation and Development – The Foundation funds annual library staff development as well as library staff and volunteer appreciation and recognition. The library is committed to the continuing education of staff and provides yearlong professional development in topics such as intellectual freedom, implicit bias, social justice and equity, and the role of the library in community.

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