Cedar Rapids Public Libraries as Voting Precincts

After redistricting following the 2020 census, the Downtown Library is Precinct 36 and Ladd Library is Precinct 41.  

Polling places are open on Election Day from 7 am-8 pm, including the library precincts. Regular library services will be available during our normal business hours, 9 am-8 pm. 

Partisan Caucuses

Each political party plans and holds a separate caucus in even-numbered years to select delegates to the party's county convention. The political parties are responsible for conducting the caucuses. Please contact the relevant political party for assistance. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and answer any questions you may have. 


Important Information about Caucuses:

  • A caucus is not an election.
  • Linn County Election Services has no official part in the organization and execution of the caucuses.
  • You must register with the party whose caucus you attend.
  • You must be registered to vote to participate in a caucus, but you may register or change your registration at the caucus site for your precinct.
  • You must be eligible to vote by the general election date to participate in the caucus (18 years or older on or before the general election date in November).
  • It is best to contact the party of your choice for more information about the caucuses.

Party Website Links:

Woman putting her voter registration form into a box for linn county elections.

Linn County Election Services 

The Linn County Auditor’s office is at Linn County Elections Services, 935 Second St. SW, Cedar Rapids. They can be reached by phone at (319) 892-5300. Hours are 8 am-5 pm, Monday to Friday, except holidays. They have additional information and frequently asked questions on their website.

Graphic image of a ballot box with the word VOTE on it

Use your address to look up where to vote and find sample ballots.


Register to vote

In Iowa, you can register to vote or update your registration in four basic ways: 

  1. Through the Iowa Department of Transportation when obtaining an Iowa driver license or nondriver ID 

  1. Download a registration form and send it through the mail to Linn County Election Services.

  1. In person at the Auditor's Office. 

  1. Online through the Iowa Department of Transportation website

If you are new to Linn County or missed the pre-registration deadline, it is still possible to register and vote on election day. You will need to show proof of ID and residence. Learn more.


If you live outside Linn County or have additional questions about voting, visit the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.

Voter ID

Voters on election day will be asked to provide ID to vote. These are the valid forms of ID: 

  • Iowa Voter Identification Card (needs to be signed) 

  • Iowa Driver's License 

  • Iowa Non-Operator ID 

  • U.S. Military ID or Veteran ID 

  • U.S. Passport 

  • Tribal ID Card/Document 

A voter without one of the above forms of ID may have their identity verified by another registered voter in the precinct. Learn more.