In keeping with our goal of open access for all, the library does not charge for traditional use of civic space. However, donations to the Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, are welcomed and encouraged.

Exceptions to this policy may be imposed under the following circumstances:

  • Meetings before or after library hours.

  • Library staff are needed to setup/teardown library-owned tables and chairs.

  • Library IT staff are needed to provide IT assistance beyond the initial setup and demonstration of A/V equipment.

  • If you are planning to charge attendees or sell items or services, you must get prior approval from the library, and a fee will be assessed to use the space.

  • Fundraising of any kind will be assessed a fee to use the space.

  • When a fee for use of a meeting room is applicable, we ask it be submitted to the library prior to the event start.

  • A cleaning or maintenance fee may be applicable.

  • Weddings, large roof top events, after-hours events, and events with alcohol will be charged a $100 nonrefundable reservation fee.

Bridesmaids in pink dresses watch a couple get married on the roof of the Downtown Library

Library facilities are available for a fee for celebrations and commerce including, but not limited to, parties, weddings, and a variety of for-profit activities. We welcome the community to use our spaces and wish to have them in use as much as possible.

The Library knows every meeting and every group is different. We reserve the right to waive any of the conditions attached to the use of meeting rooms, including the imposition of fees and charges, on a case-by-case basis.

Type of Event During Library Hours Outside of Library Hours on Operating Days
Meeting or event with no charge to attendees No charge in meeting rooms; LivingLearning Roof: $200 per hour Meeting rooms: $100 per hour; LivingLearning Roof: $200 per hour
Meeting or event where a fee is being charged to attend or items or services are offered for sale Downtown Library: Beems Auditorium: $50 per side per hour; Conference Room: $50 per hour; UnConference Room: $50 per hour; Whipple Auditorium: $100 per hour. Ladd Library: Community Room: $50 per hour. Meeting rooms: $100 per hour; LivingLearning Roof: $200 per hour
Downtown Library Commons Rental Not available for rent during library hours. $1,200 flat rate for four hours. $325 for each extra hour. Up to 100 guests includes two staff members. 101 to 200 guests will require four staff members for an additional $25 per hour.

Additional fees apply to the following:

A fee of $100 to have library staff set up a meeting room space and an additional $100 for clean-up.

$75 per hour for an IT staff member to attend your event to assist you with technology needs, such as connecting your equipment to the AV system or setting up sound equipment. A rooftop sound system can be rented for $50; this includes setup and teardown.

Food is allowed in any of the meeting rooms with the exception of the Technology Learning Center. However, at the Downtown Library, any store-bought or catered food, brought in to be consumed by a group with one paying individual, organization, or company (i.e. any event which provides food to attendees) must be purchased through Roasters Coffeehouse, located within the library. To use the caterer of your choice, you must pay a $2 per person fee, up to $250, to Roasters. This only applies to the Downtown Library. Alcohol is only allowed with an approved caterer with Library Board approval. A special event application must be filled out 60 days in advance of the event.


A minimum charge of $75 per hour may be assessed to the user.

Pricing will be rounded up to the nearest whole hour. For example, events running 2 hours and 45 minutes will be charged for three hours.

Book your space for the full time you need it, including any time required to set up or clean up. A one-hour buffer is automatically set up between reservations, and we ask that you adhere to the times you have requested.

Every event is unique, and the Cedar Rapids Public Library will work with all involved to provide a wonderful experience. If you have an event that requires multiple spaces, please speak to us about a combination cost. If you want an event to happen on a recurring basis, we may be able to do that, but we may have to charge a nominal fee. Fees are subject to change.