Name Type Last Reviewed/Updated
Behavior Policy Patron Usage and Public Relations
Board of Trustees Bylaws Library Board Operation
Collection Development Library Materials and Programs
Community Postings Facilities and Grounds
Confidentiality of Library Records Library Materials and Programs
Environmental Policy Facilities and Grounds
Evelyn Zerzanek Collection Library Materials and Programs
Fines and Fees Patron Usage and Public Relations
Foundation and Friends of the Cedar Rapids Public Library Support Groups
Freedom to Read Library Board Operation
Freedom to View Library Board Operation
Fundraising Policy Support Groups
Gifts and Memorials Library Materials and Programs
Human Resources Authority Library Employees
Internet and Computer Usage Patron Usage and Public Relations
Labels and Rating Systems Library Board Operation
Library Access for Sex Offenders Convicted of Sex Offenses Against Minors Patron Usage and Public Relations
Library Bill of Rights Library Board Operation
Library Cards and Customer Privileges Patron Usage and Public Relations
Meeting Rooms Facilities and Grounds
Mission Statement Library Board Operation
Non-Smoking Policy Facilities and Grounds
Philanthropic Naming and Recognition Policy Facilities and Grounds
Professional Development Library Employees
Programming and Partnership Policy Library Materials and Programs