Library Closed for Memorial Day

Both locations of the Cedar Rapids Public Library will be closed on Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. 

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Right to Protest, Petition, and Assemble


At the Cedar Rapids Public Library (“Library”), we value civic engagement and free expression of ideas. People have the right to protest, petition, and assemble on public property.  The Library has the right to place reasonable and viewpoint-neutral restrictions on such activities. 

The purpose of a library is to provide a place for reading, writing, and quiet contemplation. People may not engage in disruptive behavior within the Library or interfere with library patrons’ quiet use and enjoyment of the Library. Accordingly, people may not protest, solicit signatures, petition, or assemble in large groups with the purpose of protesting or petitioning within the Library, unless they are in meeting space reserved by a member of the group for that purpose. People are welcome to attend public programs at the Library, subject to occupancy restrictions, but are required to follow all Library policies.

People may petition, protest, and gather in groups on public sidewalks or areas on Library property that are designated by the Library in its sole discretion from time to time for the purpose of public discourse. People may not protest or gather in a way that interferes with patrons’ ability to enter and exit the Library safely and without obstruction. Those intending to gather for purposes of protesting or petitioning are asked to contact the Library twenty-four hours in advance to identify the currently designated areas.

Gatherings shall not impede motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic or disrupt any regularly conducted Library activities or programs. 

People participating in assembling, protesting, or petitioning at the Library or within a Library meeting space shall be subject to and abide by the Library’s policies, including the behavior policy. People gathering inside the Library are subject to Library’s operating hours and may not be in the Library outside of those hours. The presence of protesters or petitioners on or near Library property in no way constitutes an endorsement by the Library of the viewpoints expressed by such protesters or petitioners.

Failure to follow Library policies may result in removal from Library property and/or official action.


Adopted: 07/06/2023

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