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The Use of Security Cameras Policy


At the Cedar Rapids Public Library we value the health and safety of our patrons. We also strive toward effective and efficient library products and services. We balance these needs with our patron’s right to privacy.


Security cameras will be used only for specific purposes:

  1. To monitor the safety and security of staff and patrons,
  2. To gather information about the effective use of our services and products,
  3. To prevent, mitigate, or take action on property damage from vandalism, theft, or other illegal activities.


It is the intent of the Board of Trustees of the Cedar Rapids Public Library to empower the Library Director or designee, as the lawful custodian of library records, to release surveillance information that is otherwise confidential, if the purpose of that release is in accordance with the provisions of this policy.


Requests for the release of confidential patron information must be submitted in writing and accompanied by an order from the court as outlined in Chapter 22.7 of the Iowa Code.


The release of exterior footage not considered to be confidential or reveal information about a patron’s use of the library or library services may be released by the Library Director or designee after a written request is provided.



Adopted: 2/2011

Revised: 11/2015, 01/02/2020

Reviewed: 2013, 12/1/2022

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