Library Closed for Memorial Day

Both locations of the Cedar Rapids Public Library will be closed on Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. 

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Meeting Rooms


At the Cedar Rapids Public Library we value civic engagement. We demonstrate that value by serving our community with a variety of accessible public spaces for meetings, programs, training sessions, and events. In full support of free expression of ideas, the library Board of Trustees neither approves nor disapproves of any particular program or its content.

  1. Food is allowed in all meeting rooms except the Technology Classroom.
  2. Room capacities must be observed.
  3. Rooms must be reserved by adults age 18 or older.
  4. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to the private property of individuals or organizations using meeting facilities. An outside organization may be required to submit evidence that the organization is covered by general liability.
  5. Deliberate misuse of or damage to library meeting rooms or equipment may result in billing the user for damages and/or refusing any further requests for meeting room use.  All use of meeting rooms is subject to the Library’s Behavior Policy.
  6. Library programs and events take precedence over any other use of civic space.  The library may cancel a reservation or change room assignments for library business.
  7. In keeping with our goal of open access for all, the library does not charge for use of civic space with specific exceptions.  Library facilities are available for celebrations and commerce - including, but not limited to: parties, weddings, and a variety of activities.  Room use charges apply to events:
  • Requiring additional staffing time
  • Charging a fee to attendees
  • Where funds are exchanged
  • Where fundraising occurs
  • Held on the LivingLearning Roof
  • Outside regular library hours

To achieve our goal of being open and welcoming to all, only Library approved signage or postings, typically in the form of listings outside rooms, may be used to promote or direct people to events being held in Library spaces.  All postings and signage within rooms must be displayed in the designated space only and not in full view of public spaces.

Adopted: 03/29/90

Revised: 05/25/95, 12/02/99, 02/05/04, 05/08/07, 11/4/10; 2/06/20, 02/03/22

Reviewed: 2013, 11/15

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