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Our staff are what keep our library running smoothly. Take a peek behind the scenes at the wide variety of jobs at the library with this series highlighting a day in the life of different employees.

Patron Services Specialist Mark started working at the library seven months ago, and primarily works at Ladd Library.

Patron Services Specialists interact with patrons, helping them sign up for library cards, find materials, use computers, and answer questions, both in person and on the library’s phone and chat features.

“I spend part of my time assisting patrons at a reference desk answering questions related to library and city services. I spend part of my time assisting patrons on the library service floor locating and utilizing services like books or technology. I also spend part of my time working directly with materials like shelving books,” Mark said.

“We are a library, so if there’s something you don’t know, chances are you can learn it here,” he said.

He said would encourage anyone to consider a library job.

“I wish I would have been aware of the idea or opportunity to work at the library sooner. I never thought of working at a library growing up, but it’s a great fit,” he said. “Working with patrons is my favorite part about the job. I love to teach others, and through the library I do that daily in some capacity.”

He said people might be surprised at how lively the library can be.

“(People think) libraries are quiet places that house books. If you look at a picture of a library, it may seem that way, but if you step into a library in person, you see there’s much more we do.”