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Our Mission, Vision and Values


Mission Statement: Who we are

We connect people to information, experiences, and services that enhance their quality of life so our community can learn, enjoy, and thrive.

Vision Statement: What we do

We are a beacon of literacy to all who seek knowledge and understanding.  We are compassionate navigators to the information, resources, and entertainment you seek. We are your library.

Guiding Principles

Intellectual Freedom: We are committed to the free and open exchange of ideas.  We facilitate your access to information free of judgment.

“Having the freedom to read and the freedom to choose is one of the best gifts my parents ever gave me.” – Judy Blume

Privacy: We protect your information and your right to privacy.

“Privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, free thought, and free association. Lack of privacy and confidentiality chills people’s choices, thereby suppressing access to ideas.” – American Library Association

Equity: Our Library is for everyone. You are welcome here.

“We contribute to a more just society in which all community members can realize their full potential.” – Urban Libraries Council

Core Values

We serve enthusiastically

We Find a Way

We Team Up

  • We have a people-first attitude
  • We are problem solvers
  • We are open and approachable
  • We take initiative
  • We listen and learn
  • We value relationships
  • We go the extra mile
  • We explore creative alternatives
  • We serve with generous intent



Adopted: 01/26/89

Revised: 01/27/94, 06/04/98, 08/04/05, 04/07/11, 05/03/18

Reviewed: 2013, 08/06/2015, 10/7/2021

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