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Meeting Room Use Terms and Conditions

Meeting Room Board Policy

Facility Use Agreement

Policy Statement: The Cedar Rapids Public Library (“the Library”) believes that a vibrant community needs public space for meetings, programs, training sessions, and events. The Library offers meeting space, rooms and facilities (“facilities”) for our patrons. Space can be booked easily online, or Library staff will be glad to help you on the phone or in person.  The purpose of this Cedar Rapids Public Library Facility Use Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions by which facilities will be made available and  for users thereof to indicate their agreement thereto and create an agreement between the Library and a user for the facility requested and agreed upon.

Rental Policies and Agreement


All requests for use of  Library facilities are subject to approval by the Library Director, or designee. All applications for use of a facility must be submitted online and the reservation confirmed no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled use for all regular meeting room uses. For a Special Event, as defined by the City of Cedar Rapids, and all events involving the provision of alcohol, a special event application must be submitted for approval no fewer than 60 days prior to the event and is subject to approval by the Library Board of Trustees (“the Board”) approval. 


A deposit of 50% of the estimated rental fee is to be included with the signed rental contract to confirm your reservation. The balance is due one week prior to the event. Should cancellation be necessary, the User will forfeit the 50% estimated rental fee unless the cancellation is deemed necessary by the Library.

Capacity Limits

There are capacity limits to Library spaces and the User must observe these limits. The Library retains sole and exclusive right to revoke or cancel permission to use the facility when the Library deems it necessary, at the Library’s sole discretion. In the event of cancellation by the Library, the Library will provide as much notification as possible and will refund all fees paid or on deposit. The Library specifically does not accept any responsibility for any expenses incurred or losses incurred by the User as a result of any Library cancellation.

Building Closure

The Library may be required to close the building on very short notice due to inclement weather conditions. Should the Library close under such conditions, Library staff will notify the User as soon as possible and the event cancelled. In the event of cancellation, the Library does not accept any responsibility for any expenses or losses incurred by the User, and the User will hold the Library harmless for any such expenses or losses as a result of the cancellation. Any monies paid directly to the Library will be refunded.

Food Service and Alcohol

Food service is allowed in the Library facilities. Users must cater uses, including Special Events through the Roasters Café located inside the Downtown Library, or the User shall pay a service fee of $2 per person or a maximum of $250 per event to the Roasters Café to use an alternative caterer. Users may bring food of non-commercial origin or “pot luck meals” for consumption free of charge in the Library. Alcohol is allowed only as a Special Event.  Alcohol may be provided only through a licensed caterer. A Special Event application must be completed and submitted to the Library at least 60 days in advance of the Special Event and subject to approval by the Board. Cash bars are not allowed unless the caterer or User has a liquor license and transfers the license to the Library address and submits a copy of the license to the Library. The User is responsible for all cleaning following the event including but not limited to, cleaning tables, returning tables and chairs to the original set-up, vacuuming, trash removal, and cleaning the kitchen. Additional custodial services, when deemed necessary by the Library, will be charged to the User at a minimum fee of $75.

Clean up:

No décor, trash or other material may remain in the Library building after the conclusion of an event. Users shall remove of any and all debris and pay for any repairs or damage occurring in or on Library premises including direct and indirect damages sustained by any licensee of the Library.


All Library furniture and fixtures must be returned to their original location following an event. Tables in the Beems Auditorium are 5’ x 2’ rectangles. The Library does not offer round tables or banquet tables, nor does the Library provide linens. Users may secure tables of any style from an outside vendor.

Sound and lighting varies depending on the space.  The User must notify the Library of any need prior to the event. Extension cords, special lighting, easels, and other specialty equipment is the responsibility of the User.


Signs may not be placed in the Library or on Library grounds without prior approval.


Candles are prohibited including those within glass containers. No decorations may be placed on walls or ceilings. Freestanding decorations may be used. All decorations must be removed and the spaces cleaned completely of any residual items before the end of the rental period.

Helium Balloons

The Library does not allow helium balloons on the premises. Non-helium balloons are welcome, but Users are responsible for all cleanup. If helium balloons are found left in the Library following an event, the User may be charged a fee for removal.

Printed Material

The name Cedar Rapids Public Library may only be used to identify the venue, not to imply sponsorship of the event. The Library reserves the right of prior approval for all printed material pertaining to the event.


Library staff will be on duty and act as security at any event for the purpose of monitoring the facility and collections. Personal safety of guests is the responsibility of the User. If the Library, in its sole discretion, deems additional security is necessary, Users will be required to pay the necessary cost.

Other requirements

The premises, including the keys thereto, shall at all times be under the control of the Library or its authorized representative, agents or contractors and the Library shall have the right to enter said premises at any time. The User shall be solely responsible for all costs and charges for outside vendors.


Users may be required to submit evidence that the User is covered by general liability and workers compensation insurance satisfactory to the Library and that the City of Cedar Rapids, the Cedar Rapids Public Library and their trustees, officers and employees have been named as additional insureds with regard to the use of its meeting room.

Such coverage shall be required when the User will serve or sell alcoholic beverages in connection with the event, when the event will be held outside regular library hours, or when, in the judgment of the Library, special circumstances exist in connection with the  event. The general liability coverage must be in the general aggregate of not less than $1 million and the workers compensation & employers’ liability coverage must be in the amount of at least $100,000 for injury and $500,000 for disease.

If the Library permits alcoholic beverages to be served, but not sold, in connection with the event, the general liability insurance coverage must include host liquor liability coverage.

If the Library permits alcoholic beverages to be sold in connection with the event, the User shall  obtain at its own expense liquor liability insurance coverage in addition to the general liability coverage, in an amount not less than $500,000 for each common cause and not less than $500,000 as an aggregate limit.

If in the judgment of the Library there are special circumstances warranting greater insurance coverage than aforesaid, the outside organization shall obtain such coverage as the Library requires.

Required insurance certificates must be obtained and submitted to the Library not less than 96 hours prior to the scheduled event.

The User shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, the City of Cedar Rapids, the Cedar Rapids Public Library and their officers, trustees,  for any claims arising out the User’s use of the facilities.

Compliance with the Law

The User shall comply with any and all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, and is also responsible for obtaining all state and municipal permits required for the event, if any, and shall present them to the Library not less than 96 hours prior to the scheduled event.

Violation of these rules may result in cancellation of the reservation or the meeting and/or denial of future use of the facilities.

Subletting and Assignment

The User shall not sublet the premises nor assign, hypothecate nor mortgage neither this  Agreement nor any of its rights hereunder.

Vehicles on Premises

The User may have the same access to lot parking and on-street parking as Library visitors. No additional parking or special parking areas will be assigned.The Library is not responsible for damage or loss that occurs to vehicles parked at the Library.

Attorney’s Fees

If either the Library  commences or engages in any action  against the User arising out of or in connection with this Use Agreement or the premises, including but not limited to any action for recovery or rental due and unpaid, to recover possession or for damages breach of this Use Agreement; the User shall pay the Library for  reasonable attorney’s fees and any other costs incurred in connection with the action and in preparation for said action. If the Library becomes involved in any action, threatened or actual, by or against anyone not a party to this lease, but arising by reason of or directly related to any act or omission or the User or its representatives, agents, employees, licensees or invitees, the User shall  pay the Library’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred in connection with the action and in preparation for said action, except to the extent  such action is caused by  any negligent, wrongful or intentional act or omission of the Library.

The Library reserves the right to amend, add to, modify or delete any of the provisions of this policy at any time, with or without prior notice.