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Batman and Hoopla

Batman and Hoopla

I’m trying to be less reliant on my phone for everything. Between work, playing games, and those time sucking social media apps whose purpose I’m always questioning, I am on my phone way too much. I didn’t want to find another use for it, but then two great forces converged and made it well worth… View more

A Refreshing  and Accessible Window into the Wonders of Mythology

A Refreshing and Accessible Window into the Wonders of Mythology

I fell in love with the wonders of Mythology in college. It was the similarities between mythologies that grabbed me at first, like the reoccurring stories of younger gods defeating older gods. But as I delved deeper into it, I became equally fascinated with how different cultures in different landscapes view the world with fascinating originality. There… View more

Cedar Rapids Public Library Adds Film Streaming Service, Kanopy

The popular on-demand video streaming service Kanopy is now available for free through the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Cedar Rapids Public Library card holders can access Kanopy and sign up to start streaming films on demand instantly by visiting https://crlibrary.kanopystreaming.com. Offering what the New York Times calls “a garden of cinematic delights,” Kanopy showcases more… View more