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Sum by David Eagleman

Let’s assume, for a minute, there’s an afterlife. Most people already do this. However, one step past the assumption the road diverges. One person imagines this particular heaven, while another pictures that one. A third might envision being reborn as a wholly different life form,  a fourth a return to some ultimate state of being,… View more

The Walk

Fans of Richard Paul Evans will not be disappointed in his new series, The Walk, with the first book of the same title. It is the ongoing journal of a man who has been devastated by loss and his walk to Key West, Florida. He deals with the good and the bad as he stoically… View more


The Alex Awards  are given each year to books originally written for adults that  appeal to a young adult audience.  As a Young Adult librarian, I really wanted to read at least one of the winners, and I was really pleased with this year’s awards.  The list was full of exciting titles, from vampire families… View more


Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Except in your own body, where ignorance is not bliss. Meet Wayne Blake, a child growing up unaware of his infant diagnosis of hermaphroditism. Mother and midwife sense girl, father and doctor insist boy. As he is being raised male in Labrador, where one bows to the supremacy of… View more

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