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Current Happenings

Red Wall Gallery

The Library has been working to make the CRPL West a welcoming, comfortable and warm environment for our customers. We are making a series of changes over the next few months, one of which officially begins November 1. The Red Wall Gallery, a specially designed display area in the CRPL West, will open on November… View more

In the Armstrong Centre

There is a transformation underfoot at the small downtown library located in the Armstrong Centre. This 2200 square foot space has been radically changed to accommodate what our customers were most asking for–computers and specific types of materials. These materials include popular books, magazines and movies.       The library is experimenting with new… View more

What’s the value?

We have asked you before why you value the library, but now we are asking you to put a number to it! Using out library calculator, find out what you save each month by using the library. You may be surprised to see how much it is. And then send us a note or post here to let us know the total savings to your family.