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Author: erinthelibrarian

New for Oct. 18

Iris Johansen continues her series on detective Eve Duncan in Bonnie, which tells the story of Eve’s daughter. Infernals by John Connolly is the sequel to his supernatural thriller The Gates. Christmas Wedding is a rare romance from the prolific James Patterson. Local favorite Ed Gorman has a new SamMcCain mystery called Bad Moon Rising.

Bubba Ho-Tep

Join Bruce Campbell in this zany adventure also starring Ossie Davis.  Bruce Campbell stars as an aging Elvis, yep, he didn’t really die, in a retirement community where the residents seem to be dying off at a much higher rate.  Sensing something is amiss, Elvis goes to see his fellow resident and buddy Jack, who… View more

Troll 2

So why on Earth would I recommend Troll 2? Because it’s widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made, it’s even the subject of the documentary Best Worst Movie (which the library also owns). Most of the crew, including the director and screenwriter, were Italian and spoke very little English. The actors… View more