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Volunteer at the Library

Walk into the Cedar Rapids Public Library and you’ll see a diverse community. Designed for readers and learners of all ages and from all backgrounds, we are the community’s living room – a place to connect, unwind, share ideas, and explore new possibilities.

Working alongside our staff, volunteers transform a building of “stuff” into a dynamic place to dream, do, and discover. Whether you are caring for materials, greeting customers, or helping with children’s programs, you are constantly renovating our living room to make it a little bit bigger and better than it was yesterday. You give us space to grow and welcome in new ideas, people, and opportunities. So, open the door to your next great opportunity! We’ve saved a seat on the couch for you.

We are looking for creative, personable, reliable volunteers interested in sharing their love and enthusiasm for literacy and lifelong learning with others. Our goal is to match your skills and interests to the right opportunity for you!

We have volunteer opportunities available for adults, families, teens, and retirees with a wide variety of interests and abilities. We also enjoy working with small groups and corporate volunteers for special projects. We know you’re busy, and we work to develop flexible volunteer opportunities that work with your schedule. Daytime and evening hours are available on both a regular and on-call basis during the week and on the weekends.

Volunteer Opportunites

Summer Volunteer Opportunities - 2019

Spend your summer encouraging readers of all ages at the Library.

Click here for all of the information on joining the Library as a volunteer this summer. Learn about different volunteer roles and the process for becoming a summer volunteer at the Library.

Library Concierge

Transform our library building into a welcoming environment.
Available Times/Days:
Saturday from 9am-5pm (Downtown); Sunday from 1-5pm (Ladd)
Weekly two-hour commitment for a minimum of three months.

The Library Concierge greets customers, answers questions about the building and current programs, assists customers with the self-check out process, provides basic directions and simple instructions for customers seeking help, and puts a personal touch to the library experience.

Full Job Description

Holds Hunter

Search our stacks to help find the items customers want most.
Available Times/Days:
Monday-Friday at 8am or 2pm; Saturday at 8:30am or 2pm; Sunday at 12:30pm
Weekly two-hour commitment for a minimum of three months.

Our Holds Hunters work with staff to find materials in the library that customers have requested. These volunteers become extremely knowledgeable about the library layout and materials, get a backstage pass to the sorter room, and enjoy working independently behind the scenes.

Full Job Description

Sorter Room Assistant

Get your hands on the revolutionary sorter at the downtown library.
Available Times/Days:
Opportunities are available Mon-Thur from 9am-8pm; Fri-Sat from 9am-5pm
Weekly two-hour commitment for a minimum of three months.

The Sorter Room Assistant works behind-the-scenes to help process returning library items. By monitoring the sorter, processing the materials bins, and managing the transit totes, you will help keep the library collection running smoothly while we circulate over one million items each year.

Full Job Description


“Own” your little slice of library paradise.
Available Times/Days:
Opportunities are flexible and available Monday-Thursday from 9am-8pm; Friday-Saturday from 9am-5pm
A six month commitment for a minimum of 1-2 hours every two weeks. We will work with you to set some flexible scheduling parameters. Then you can schedule your time at your own convenience.

Since opening the new downtown library, over 2 million items have been checked out and over 1 million people have walked through our doors and looked through our library shelves. Exciting stuff! And sometimes a bit messy. That’s why we need you!

As an adopt-a-shelf volunteer, you will keep your section in tip-top shape so that customers can easily find what they want in our clean, professional library. This volunteer opportunity is a great fit for families, companies, social groups, or individuals! It’s designed to be as flexible as you need it to be. We know the library could always use some extra care, and we want to work with your busy schedule to allow you to give back when you can.

Full Job Description

Media Maintenance

Get an Oscar for organization at the library.
Available Times/Days:
Opportunities are available Monday-Thursday from 9am-8pm; Friday-Saturday from 9am-5pm; Sunday from 1-5pm
A three month commitment for a minimum of two hours a week. We will work with you to set some flexible scheduling parameters. Then you can schedule your time at your own convenience.

Keeping up with the library’s wildly popular media collection is a big task – and we could use your help! Our Media Maintenance volunteers assist the library by shelving returning media, straightening media shelves, and filling empty display shelves. Since there is always work to do, this opportunity is designed to be incredibly flexible to fit your scheduling needs!

Full Job Description

Clean Team

Help keep our libraries looking beautiful for our community.
Available Times/Days:
Opportunities are available Monday-Thursday from 9am-8pm; Friday-Saturday from 9am-5pm; Sunday from 1-5pm
A three month commitment for a minimum of one hour a week. We will work with you to set some flexible scheduling parameters. Then you can schedule your time at your own convenience.

Our Clean Team volunteers keep the library in tip-top shape by dusting and straightening shelves, tidying displays, straightening furniture, maintaining our technology areas, and spot cleaning on specific projects.

Full Job Description

Volunteer Corps

Join our on-call volunteer crew.
Available Times/Days:
Opportunities are extremely flexible!
To be an active Volunteer Corps member, you must volunteer a minimum of two times per year.

Do you have the desire to volunteer but struggle with being able to make a regular commitment? Are you excited to get involved but worried about making a weekly obligation?

Look no further – we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Join our on-call Volunteer Corps and be eligible to help at special programs and events. The Corps go through the regular volunteer process, but are contacted on an as-needed basis for events such as children craft programs, teen cooking events, adult speaker series, summer reading programs, and special community events.

Many of these programs fall during evenings or on the weekends. Say “YES” as often as you like…but rest assured that saying “no” is also an option!

Full Job Description


Current Volunteer Corps Opportunities

Apply to join the CRPL Volunteer Team

Interested in volunteering at the library? Start here! You’ll need to submit the following completed forms to the library.
  • All volunteer applicants can apply online.
  • Volunteers can also print and submit a paper application using the forms below:                     — All volunteer applicants:  Volunteer Application (pdf)
               — Volunteers age 18+: Background Check Form (pdf)
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must also print and complete a Parental Agreement Form (pdf).
  • Volunteers with required service hours must also print and complete a Required Service Hours Form (pdf).

    The library welcomes eligible volunteers to work with the library to fulfill required service hours (i.e. school or service requirements, court directed volunteer service). To be eligible, volunteers must complete the standard application process and be a proper fit for the Library’s needs. The total number of hours available for an individual to volunteer will depend on the Library’s schedule and needs.

Volunteer Eligibility

In order to become a volunteer at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, applicants must:

  • Be at least 14 or older to volunteer independently. Volunteers under the age of 14 can volunteer with an adult.
  • Successfully pass a background check which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • Attend orientation and training sessions.
  • Be prompt and reliable.
  • Represent the library in an appropriate and responsible manner at all times.

Contact Us

Jessica Link
Volunteer Coordinator
Lindsey Tygart-Brown
Administrative Assistant

Benefits of Being a Library Volunteer

There are so many benefits to becoming a volunteer. These are just a few!

Opportunity to share your interests and skills with your community

Promote literacy, education, and enrichment

Meet new people and enjoy the company of others who share your interests

Get a back-stage pass to the Library facility and learn about all the resources it has to offer

Bask in the sincere appreciation from the Library staff and patrons

Gain new skills and build “on-the-job” experience – an excellent opportunity for student volunteers and individuals in the job market

Feel good – volunteering is beneficial for your mental and physical well-being!

Our Mission

The CRPL Volunteer Program supports and enriches the library by engaging community volunteers through meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Our Vision

The CRPL Volunteer Program’s vision is a collaborative environment in which community members work with library professionals to provide an outstanding library experience.

Our Values


Transform citizens into library advocates through engaged service.


Foster positive working relationships between volunteers and staff.


Engage volunteers to build a stronger library and a stronger community.


Develop meaningful volunteer opportunities that excite volunteers and serve the library's needs.