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Strategic Plan

Welcome to the road ahead. We are pleasedto present the Cedar Rapids Public Library’s 2019-2022
Strategic Plan. As we look to the future, this plan will guide us along the journey.

Our Library is a community gathering place, an
educational partner, and an opportunity center for all.
We are passionate about moving our community forward
and arming our patrons with the tools they need to learn,
enjoy, and thrive.

We have spent months scouring data, analyzing
information, and asking you, our community members, to
help us determine how the Library can have the greatest
community impact in the next three years. We heard
clearly the needs expressed and a desire for the Library
to play an essential supporting role in our citizens’ lives.

With this input, we are striving to stimulate Literacy
in our community. We want all citizens to be able to
Access the Library and its resources. We understand
the rich diversity in our community and will work toward

Cedar Rapids is a city focused on the future, and the
Library will continue to be a beacon of possibility for all
who call our city home.