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An update on masking at the Library

An update on masking at the Library

A letter to our patrons, from Cedar Rapids Public Library Director Dara Schmidt:

The CDC has come out with new guidelines to say people who are vaccinated do not need to wear masks or social distance. This is exciting news, and we are so excited to welcome more people to the Library with no restrictions! 

While we wish we could immediately make changes, the reality is none of this can happen instantly. Because the timeline from the first shot to being fully vaccinated can take up to six weeks, we are waiting to change our limitations and restrictions until we can ensure that all Library staff have had enough time to be fully vaccinatedThat places our timeline to open the Library with no Grab and Go limitations on June 21. 

Until June 21, we respectfully ask that all patrons continue to wear masks and practice social distancing while in our spaces. Our staff will do the same. After June 21, when all staff have had the opportunity to make it through the vaccination process, we will be able to remove masking requirements. 

In a public space, there is a challenge when the recommendation has changed for those fully vaccinated, but masking and distancing are still recommended for those who are not. It is not realistic for our staff to monitor patrons’ health or vaccination status. Please bear with us just a little longer.   

The wonderful thing about a public library is that all are welcome, and it is a place many families enjoy. In fact, throughout the pandemic we have seen hundreds of families enjoy time in our spaces in person, abiding by our masking and distancing requirements. We are examining our policies and will follow CDC and public health recommendations for children under 12 who do not have vaccine available. 

We love you. We miss you. We are so excited to see your smiling faces again, soon. Thank you for your understanding during these next few weeks of transition. 

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