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You’ve Got Fifteen Seconds!

You’ve Got Fifteen Seconds!

It seems we are all looking for new ways to entertain ourselves and our family during this difficult time. Our staff has developed a fun game you can print and play at home! Take advantage of this opportunity to do something a little less high-tech and more family focused.



You’ve Got Fifteen Seconds!
Print PDF and cut apart cards. Place cards face down in center of table. You will need one number die, paper and pencil for the scorekeeper, and a phone with built-in timer.


Choose one player to keep score.

The player whose first name is closest to the beginning of the alphabet is Player 1. The player to their left is Player 2.

Player 1 sets their phone timer for fifteen seconds, and draws a card from the top of the pile.Player 2 rolls the die.

Player 1 says, “Name number on die items on card. You’ve got fifteen seconds!” Player 1 starts the

Player 2 scores the number on the die if they can list the number of items on the die. If a player can’t
list the proper number of items, they do not score any points that round.

Player 1 draws card that says “hobbies”.

Player 2 rolls a five.

Player 1 says, “Name five hobbies. You’ve got fifteen seconds!”

Player 2 says, “Scrapbooking, stamp collecting, fishing, model building, and gardening” in under fifteen seconds.

Player 2 scores five points. If Player 2 recites any number of hobbies less than five, they would not score any points that round.

Play passes to the left.

The first player to score 20 points is the winner.

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