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Ready 10!

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help a young child be ready for school? Ready 10! is an initiative supported by Cedar Rapids Community School District, College Community Schools, Linn Mar School District, and Marion ISD aimed at helping support the work of parents & caregivers as they raise children to be school ready. Kindergarten teachers from the four districts were surveyed and agreed upon these 10 skills that will give incoming kindergarten students a greater opportunity at successfully transitioning into Kindergarten. Ready 10! is part of Reading into Success (RiS), the local community’s Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

Top 10 Skills for Kindergarten

  1. Completes personal care tasks without help (washing hands, dressing, toileting, etc.)
  2. Manages behavior in a group setting without causing disruptions
  3. Identifies and follows basic safety rules with help
  4. Prints letters of own name with help
  5. Identifies and responds to feelings of self and others
  6. Carries out tasks and moves between activities, even when difficult, with little distress
  7. Plays, learns, and interacts with peers cooperatively
  8. Uses items that belong to self and others respectfully and appropriately
  9. Speaks or expresses thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly
  10. Uses tools to complete activities showing hand-eye coordination (scissors, fork, toothbrush, pencil, etc.)


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