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Classes for All Interests

Classes for All Interests

The Cedar Rapids Public Library offers a variety of classes for all interests at no cost to you! These classes range from computer software education to genealogy to podcasting. All classes are offered for free with all  materials included. Here are some opportunities available now:

Basic Computer Skills: Learn the basics of using a computer including the parts of a computer and working with a mouse.

Family History Research: Ancestry & Heritage Quest: Learn to navigate the Library’s many genealogy resources. Become familiar with Ancestry and Heritage Quest, two databases that contain many great sources for historical family information.

Open Computer Lab Help: Whether you’re starting a new project, not sure what to do next, or are having some trouble with a computer program, this time is for you. A librarian is available to answer your computer questions and troubleshoot problems you come up against.

Everyday Digital Skills: In this class we’ll look at some basic digital skills used in everyday life. Searching for recipes on the internet, listening to music on Spotify, privacy settings on social media, and more!

Google Drive: In this course, we will learn about Google Drive, an incredibly useful tool that allows you to create documents and spreadsheets without saving them to a personal computer.

Selling Online: eBay and Craigslist: Looking to buy a new television or sell your old couch? Learn how to use Craigslist and eBay to buy and sell things online. Participants will create accounts on each site and learn how to post and bid on items while protecting privacy. Email address required.
Podcast Recording: We will discuss the basic components to creating your own podcasts, from options for recording equipment, software, sound effects and marketing.
Space is limited and registration is required. Please click the link to register! Visit our online calendar for a complete selection of classes.

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