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Reality Bites Takes on Politics

Reality Bites Takes on Politics


The Cedar Rapids Public Library invites the community to engage in discussions and dialogues about complex topics through a new series called “Reality Bites”. This participatory series involves learning, discussing, and sharing.

“The program was designed to address salient issues in our community; like race, immigration, mental health, and politics,” said Victoria Fernandez, Patron Services Specialist and the coordinator for the series. “Often, with polarizing news outlets and misinformation these issues become convoluted or misconstrued. With these sessions, I wanted to take an issue, learn about different viewpoints then discuss why we hold them.”

The fall series will focus on politics, beginning with the learn portion on Monday, September 10, at 6 pm at the Downtown Library. Participants will discuss the history of US politics, learning about the principles the country was founded upon, now these have traditionally represented certain groups, and how political parties become polarized.

On Monday, October 1 at 6 pm at the Downtown Library, participants will discuss society and culture in politics. Speakers will be on hand to tackle a variety of political questions and participants are invited to bring questions of their own.

In the final session on Monday, November 5 at 6 pm at the Downtown Library, participants share information, including a panel discussion who will be on hand to help field questions before the mid-term elections.

“It is my hope that Reality Bites takes an issue, puts it under the microscope to break it down into manageable, meaningful parts and lets our community explore it in a way that is relevant to them,” said Fernandez. “They can take that knowledge with them in their daily lives. It is also a way to develop deeper connections with our patrons and strengthen the social fabric of our community. I hear from past participants and speakers keep me informed with upcoming projects.”

This is a workshop-style class, where participants will watch short videos and films, participate in collective conversations, and take part in group exercises. All those who join should be prepared to share in a civil and safe environment.

Please register here:

Reality Bites: The Political Process- Navigating the Mid-Terms: LEARN
Monday, September 10, 6 pm

Reality Bites: The Political Process- Navigating the Mid-Terms: DISCUSS
Monday, October 1, 6 pm

Reality Bites: The Political Process-Navigating the Mid-Terms: SHARE
Monday, November 5, 6 pm

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