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June 26 Construction Update

June 26 Construction Update

Two-Way Conversions Update

Progress continues around the Downtown Library as we near July. The intersection at 5th Avenue and 5th Street should open by the end of this week, however traffic can’t cross the railroad tracks until new signals and lights are up.

Once 5th Avenue partially opens, 5th Street will close through the 4th Avenue intersection and 4th Avenue will shut down completely. This means that as of this Thursday, 4th Avenue will close in its entirety for about two weeks. There will be no exterior book drop or café drive up access. This closure is in place so crews can pour the new medians. Contractors will provide access into the parking lot on 5th Avenue as well as one graveled road on 5th Street, right turn only.

We know this is extremely disruptive to our patrons and those trying to access the Downtown Library. We will continue to do all we can to update you as this progresses and encourage you to stay tuned for these updates.


Two-Way Conversions Update from the City of Cedar Rapids

The Union Pacific Railroad continues to work on the installation of safety gates and crossing arms downtown. Gates and crossing arms on both sides of the roadway are necessary for two-way traffic flow. Below is a summary of the work currently taking place:

2nd Avenue Tracks
The railroad work is nearly complete at 2nd Avenue. Crews were required to fully close 2nd Avenue at the railroad tracks June 19 – 21. We anticipate the railroad will complete the installation at this crossing and complete final items by the end of next week (June 29), fully opening 2nd Avenue to two-way traffic at the tracks.

4th Avenue Tracks
The railroad is doing some preliminary underground work at these tracks; 4th Avenue remains open at this time.

5th Avenue Tracks
Union Pacific will begin working on these tracks next week. 5th Avenue is currently closed between 4th Street and 5th Street for both railroad work and utility/pavement replacements. Library access is available on 4th Avenue in front of the library; the back parking lot is available off 5th Street.

Two-Way Conversion
Public Works crews recently re-painted 5th Avenue SE between 3rd Street and the 4th Street railroad tracks, changing it from one-way to two-way travel. With the closure at the library and the current one-way layout of 5th Avenue in this area, this conversion will make it easier for businesses such as Klinger Paint, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and Geneva Towers to get in and out of their buildings.

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