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Behold the Unicorn!

Behold the Unicorn!

Behold the Unicorn!

The unicorn is the official national animal of Scotland and this Sunday the tiny country will celebrate this mythical creature on National Unicorn Day! While you may think this is an odd choice of national animal, if you delve into Scottish and Medieval folklore a little, you will discover that the unicorn is synonymous with chivalry, innocence, boldness, intelligence and altruism. Makes more sense now, right?

The Cedar Rapids Public Library’s children’s catalog has got you covered to put a little magic in your day and brush up on your power to believe. Here are my top picks for unicorn books…

You Don’t Want a Unicorn by Ame Dyckman


Open up the cover of this book and you will witness the power of the unicorn in all its glory. Here you will see trendy unicorns, 70’s style and diva unicorns. The story begins with a young boy carrying a plush unicorn under his arm, a penny and a water fountain. One guess as to what he wishes for? Contrary to all advice, the boy brings a unicorn to life and they have a lot of fun…at first. Then some of the negative aspects of having a horned creature become evident (shedding magic fairy dust all over the carpet, scratching up the furniture with your horn and producing cupcakes from a very undesirable orifice). Turns out unicorns are just plain trouble. The boy, while finally wishing his unicorn away, heads to the water fountain with another plush animal under his arm that may even cause more problems!

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

It’s very possible that narwhals caused early settlers to believe in unicorns. Sailors brought back their horns when returning to shore which could lend to someone with an active imagination getting a little carried away. Kelp  (the main character in this story) is a little confused, too. Though he was born deep in the ocean and had a horn like his narwhal friends, he doesn’t really see any other similarities. He’s not a very good swimmer, he needs breathing apparatus and floaties and does not find narwhal cuisine very appealing.  One day he gets caught up in a strong current and finally reaches shore where he sees, in the distance creatures just like him! Torn between the ocean with his narwhal friends and the shore with the unicorns, he decides that maybe he can have the best of both worlds!

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Let me just point out first of all that the illustrations in this book, by Brigette Barrager are just breathtaking. They are a magical combination of flora, fauna and sparkly unicorn eyes. The colors are rich with detail and whimsy. Uni is a pretty typical unicorn. She has golden hooves, a horn that heals others and the ability to make dreams come true. There is one thing that sets Uni apart, though. She believes that little girls are real! Ostracized by her friends and gently appeased by her parents, Uni holds steadfast to her beliefs. She paints pictures of girls and dreams of girls. In another world, a girl believes in unicorns. Ostracized by her friends and gently appeased by her parents, the girl holds steadfast to her beliefs. The two find each other and it is pure magic!

To find out more about Nation Unicorn Day, go here http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-39501892

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