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Too cold to play outside? READ!

Too cold to play outside?  READ!

Too cold to play outside? READ!

where-did-they-goWhere Did They Go? a spotting book by Emily Barnoff

Emily Barnoff’s new “seek and find” book for children takes us on a world tour searching the pages for a tree sloth, a bison, a tapir, and other rare animals. Children will see – quite literally – how hard it is to spot these creatures.

The digital illustrations are absolutely delightful, showing the awesome geographical variety of our planet from dusty plains to Arctic ice floes to thorny deserts.  The endangered animals camouflaged in their environments are very tricky to spot, so I don’t recommend this book for children under four years old.  But, for 4-8 year olds, it’ll be a great adventure that could spark a thoughtful discussion about protecting endangered species.

The Snurtch words by Sean Ferrell, pictures by Charles Santosothe-snurtch-9781481456562_hr

Ruthie has a problem at school.

It is not the students.  It is not the classroom. It is not the reading or the writing or the math.  

It is the Snurtch.

The Snurtch is responsible for all of Ruthie’s problems. It makes rude noises come out of Ruthie’s mouth. It throws pencils when Ruthie gets called on in class. The Snurtch is the only reason Ruthie gets in trouble.  How frustrating!  But then, while completing a drawing in art class, Ruthie discovers – with great relief – that she’s not the only one with a Snurtch.

The squiggly, line drawn monster known as the Snurtch embodies all things impulsive, regrettable, and overwhelming.  Ferrell and Santoso, the team that brought us I Don’t Like Koala, have created a wonderful, important picture book in which readers learn that everyone has a Snurtch.  Seeing others’ burdens may lighten our own, and always puts them in perspective.


Every Color by Erin Eitter Kono

A pure white bear who lives in a world of white snow and ice receives a rainbow from a faraway friend.  Bear immediately longs for color, and the friend obliges by taking him on a trip around the world. With every turn of the page, lucky readers witness a new color splashed across golden cities or sparkling blue skies.  Bear’s hand-painted gifts for his friends back home bring a brilliant new perspective to his all white world.

 Every Color is one of those great children’s books disguised as a simple concept lesson.  An absolute gem.  While preschoolers learn the colors of the rainbow, they get to travel around the world visiting our greatest landmarks, including the Great Sphinx, Easter Island, London Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and more.

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