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Free Garden Programs at Ladd Library

Free Garden Programs at Ladd Library

2015-Fall-Free-Garden-Classes-dig-banner-portraitThe Cedar Rapids Public Library (CRPL) will host free garden classes presented by the Linn County Master Gardeners (LCMG) at the Ladd Library beginning August 31.

New Perennials for 2015
August 31, 6:30 pm, presented by Deb Walser, LCMG
Every year the garden catalogs are full of NEW amazing perennials. How do we select the right perennials for our garden? Which perennials are the best for Iowa gardens? Even if you have been growing perennials for years, Deb Walser will show some of the perennials available in nurseries.

Putting Your Landscape to Bed
September 14, 6:30 pm, presented by Wil Carew, LCMG
It’s autumn. Time to clean up yard, landscape and gardens, but how do I start? Join Wil as he covers what to do, when to do it, and why!

Spring Flowering Bulbs
September 21, 6:30 pm, presented by Zora Ronan, LCMG
This class looks at the major spring flowering bulbs that are hardy in Iowa: tulips, daffodils, alliums, and frittillaria. There are bulbs that bring early spring color to almost every location in your garden.

Pretty Poisons Lurking in Your Garden
September 28, 6:30 pm, presented by Jean Wilson, LCMG
Learn which plants in your garden are deadly and which are merely harmful. It’s not always the obvious culprits – even some helpful plants can be harmful if misused or overused. Understanding what you are growing promotes safer gardening.

For a complete list of programs, visit our event calendar or call the library at (319) 261-READ.

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