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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

8909152“Attachments” is lovely.  It takes place at newspaper towards the end of 1999 with the Y2K “crisis” in full swing.  Beth is funny, engaging, writes for the entertainment section, and has been dating a local rock star for nine years.  Her best friend Jennifer is delightful, witty, works as a copy editor, and has a anxiety-ridden fear of maybe being pregnant someday.  And Lincoln is the tech guy; working the graveyard shift monitoring staff e-mail and preparing the tech team for the inevitable global meltdown.

Beth and Jennifer’s e-mails to one another keep getting flagged and popping up in Lincoln’s inbox.  Through their fun, witty, eye-opening, and not at all work-appropriate conversations, Lincoln falls in love with Beth; a woman he has only loved through her words.  Ultimately Lincoln cannot decide if he can summon up the courage to go meet her or if he even should (honestly, how far would he get with Hi!  I’m the guy who reads your e-mails and thinks you’re too good for your boyfriend whom, by the way, I’ve seen in concert like five times.

Please read this book if for no other reason but so that you youngsters can learn all about the tragedy that was Y2K.

If you are a fan of Rainbow Rowell and her other works – “Landline,” “Eleanor & Park,” and “Fangirl” – or you would like to be a fan, she will be visiting Cedar Rapids this summer as a part of the Metro Library Network’s Out Loud! author series.  She will be joining us June 19 at 7PM at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center.  Registration is free but required.  Visit http://metrolibrarynetwork.org/mln/outloud/ for more information.

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