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Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

The fifth and final book in the Percy Jackson series was, as you might imagine, an adventure of mythical proportions.  It begins with Percy and Co. waging yet another battle against Luke/Kronos, one that ends in a stalemate sending Percy into the depths of the ocean.  Being the son of Poseidon and all, this is not such a problem as Percy then heals and spends quality time with Dad, who is endeavoring his own battles with the old titan, Oceanus.  Percy is eventually sent back to Camp Half-Blood where he soon departs with Nico, reformed bad tot/son of Hades whose plan is equivalent to death: let Percy become indestructible with a bath in the River Styx (you might recall that this only sort of worked for the hero Achilles).  He does so and uses his near immortality to lead his friends into war.  With the gods battling the Titans somewhere near Nebraska, no one is left to protect Olympus/New York City except the campers.

I liked the more human approach to the characters in this work particularly with Annabeth’s ongoing loyalty to Luke.  Through a series of mystical interactions with Luke’s mother, various gods, and spirits, we learn of Annabeth’s youth as a runaway and how her devotion to Luke began.  Overall the series ends with some satisfaction and would be a great read for the upper elementary/lower middle grade levels.

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