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On the first Wednesday of March every year, World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories. The Cedar Rapids Public Library celebrates this each year with a Readaloudathon on March 4 at the downtown library.

Readers will begin reading stories out loud at 9 am, when the library opens, and continues until the library closes at 9 pm. For those twelve hours someone will always be reading. Everyone is invited to come listen to the stories and share in the fun.

9:00 Chris Earl (KCRG), Marcy Jones (KGAN), Dara Schmidt (CRPL), and
Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett
9:30 Children’s Stories from the Family Connections Library
11:00 It’s Just Right, Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Five Languages
NOON City Leaders Tell Tall Tales
1:00 Classics in the Commons
3:00 Cedar Rapids Roller Girls “Bridge to Reading”
4:00 Teen Angst in the Union
5:00 Theater and Speech Selections from area High School Students
6:00 VoiceBox Poetry
7:00 Poetry Slam

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