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The Flea by Laurie Cohen, illustrated by Marjorie Beal

The Flea by Laurie Cohen, illustrated by Marjorie Beal

fleaI was immediately drawn to the cover of The Flea because I don’t recall ever seeing such an adorable, minimalist interpretation of a parasite. The story begins with our protagonist (the flea) showing us exactly how teeny he is (1mm) but as we turn the page, we see him moving from lofty to loftier vantage points (a pea, an apple, a skyscraper and finally a cloud) to be bigger.
A bear finally lets the cat out of the bag and informs the flea that he is not actually getting bigger, just higher. The flea, annoyed and persistent, shows the bear just how big of an annoyance he can be. While this is not a terribly complex story, it introduces elementary philosophy and motivation to young readers. Although it is not a book that would necessarily be classed as timeless or enduring, it is a fun read and reinforces the idea that one person is capable of great things. It resonates the quote by the great Dalai Lama- “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”- or a flea!

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