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Sing Them Home by Stephanie Kallos

Sing Them Home by Stephanie Kallos

Sing Them HomeThree adult siblings are called home to Emlyn Springs, Nebraska, to bury their father.  Although they’ve already lost their mother, Hope, the three struggle to make sense of death – because Hope was, literally, lost when she disappeared without a trace during a tornado over thirty years ago. The siblings not only live with pain, they live from it.  Larken, the eldest, is an art history professor who uses food to fill her emptiness; Gaelan, the son, is a handsome weatherman who devotes his life to predicting the unpredictable.  Bonnie, the youngest, calls herself an archivist.  Most of her time is spent combing the area for clues to her mother’s death, which she catalogs and displays in her makeshift home.  Hope’s completely lovable best friend Viney, who was also their father’s long-time mistress, comforts the siblings:  a strangely symbiotic relationship.  Hope’s diaries fill in some historical blanks as the narrative moves from past to present and character to character.

Kallos treats her characters with reverence. They are beautifully flawed and real.  This novel is a great choice for book clubs.   “There are moments of great sweetness and joy without being saccharine…resolution and redemption that are well-earned and in no way false or forced,” said Stephan Nathans-Kelly of First Look Books Blog.

Sing Them Home is a lovely book.  It’s available in nearly every format through the Metro Library Network:   large print, standard print, book on CD, e-book, and book club kit.

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