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A Jobs Lab Success Story

A Jobs Lab Success Story

Mark Vogel was unemployed and seeking work. Three months ago he started coming to the Jobs Lab on Monday mornings from 9 – noon at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. A librarian by the name of Nancy helped him set up an email account, redo his resume, and learn how to apply for jobs online. Thanks to her help, he had three separate interviews with local companies and successfully landed a job.

“Without Nancy, I would still be unemployed,” said Mark. “She is such a great talent for the city. Most companies won’t even talk to you anymore—you have to send things electronically. I’m computer illiterate, but with Nancy’s help now I can do this stuff myself.”

Nancy helped Mark set up a profile on IowaJobs along with sending his resume to local agencies. “I had nowhere to turn. Without her help I would be lost. I was a pest, coming in each week and asking for Nancy. The Library is so lucky to have her.

“If I could be helped anyone can be,” he said. “It took me two weeks just to understand the computer stuff. She had me cutting and pasting. I’m getting better at it now.”

Today Mark stopped in to update his resume to include his new job and to share his happy news with Nancy. “She can retire when I retire,” Mark said.

**The Drop In Jobs Lab program happens each Monday morning from 9 am to noon at the Cedar Rapids Public Library (Westdale Mall). Anyone in need of assistance looking for a job, job searching online, developing a resume, and anything else job-search related can drop in anytime during that three-hour time period.

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