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Broken Harbor

Broken Harbor

Tana French’s fourth book in her Dublin Murder Squad series, Broken Harbor, now follows Detective Frank “Scorcher” Kennedy as he investigates a mysterious family murder in a quiet suburban village outside of Dublin, Ireland destroyed by the recession.  Scorcher is also dealing with flashback memories of the death of his mother and a younger sister who is suffering another mental breakdown.  The vivid descriptions of the eerie Irish scene of the crime, as well as the complex character development appeal to me.  I find myself devouring each book of hers as they come out, and anxiously waiting for the next one to come out.

French’s previous books, In the Woods, The Likeness, and Faithful Place, all focus on different detectives from the Dublin Murder Squad.   Scorcher is not my favorite detective, but his personal story drew me in and stayed with me for days.  The investigation was disturbing but not gory and even though I thought I knew what had happened, I kept reading, hoping for a more bizarre conclusion.  I was not disappointed.  Much like the previous three in the series, French’s way with words kept me up late into the night and I can’t wait for book five to be published in 2014.   (Sound like it will already be worth the wait ;)).

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