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Portlandia Season 1

Portlandia Season 1

“Portlandia” is a sketch comedy show created by Carrie Brownstein and Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen. The sketches mostly poke fun at the ultra-liberal, politically correct hipster culture in Portland, Oregon and while they sometimes wildly exaggerate, they are often comically accurate. The comedy is incisive but manages to stay good-natured. It’s clear that Fred and Carrie really like Portland but they just can’t help making fun of it. The sketches are highlighted with great guest cameos by Steve Buscemi, Heather Graham, and Kyle Maclachlan. This is great fun for people who like to laugh at hipsters and hipsters that can laugh at themselves.

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  1. I recently stumbled on to this fabulous, quirky show. LOVE it!

    Mar 6, 2012 Reply

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