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Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Green Rider by Kristen Britain

Green Rider is the first book in a four book series of fantasy novels. The main character is a girl named Karigan, who runs away from school after fighting off a bully. In the woods she encounters a Green Rider, one of the king’s elite messengers, with arrows in his back. Before he dies, he makes her swear to get his message to the king. A bewildered Karigan agrees, she takes the rider’s horse and makes for the castle. She doesn’t know how important the message is and that all kinds of evil is following her, determined to stop her before she delivers it.

In some ways, this book feels like a Tolkien story, Karigan is a confused and somewhat unwilling messenger like Frodo and Bilbo are at first. She is followed by a mysterious rider in gray with horrible powers and cutthroat villains bent on her death but also meets some wonderful yet mysterious friends along the way. This book will appeal to fans of relatively uncomplicated “old-school” fantasy. The premise is simple, there’s a girl on a quest being chased but the result is really enjoyable and ends up with quite a bit of political intrigue to round out the story. Anyone who likes Mercedes Lackey or Robin McKinley will probably enjoy this too. This is the first in a series and I haven’t read the rest of them yet but plan to eventually. The library owns this in print and as an e-book.

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