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The Social Network

The Social Network

Startlingly fast-paced and desperately honest, The Social Network is a movie filled with such rapid-fire dialog and electrifying performances that the viewer can’t help but watch open-mouthed as the protagonist bares all. Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of  Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder of Facebook, is fierce, brilliant, and absolutely compelling.  Zuckerberg’s ironic fatal flaw is blatantly obvious from the opening scene:  the man who revolutionized the way the world communicates can’t communicate himself.

The story, of course, is centered around the beginnings of Facebook at Harvard in 2003. But this is not a movie about technology. It’s a movie about relationships, betrayal, and regret.  Flash forwards to legal disputes with former college friends Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) and the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer and Josh Pence) are woven into the movie and create the perfect framework for Zuckerberg’s  passionate narcissism.  This is a smart, entertaining and thoughtful movie.  The Social Network DVD is available at all Metro Library Network locations.

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  1. I didn’t expect to like this movie but was very pleasantly surprised by it. It’s more about personality than technology and turned out to be very compelling.

    Jun 13, 2011 Reply

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