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Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Except in your own body, where ignorance is not bliss.

Meet Wayne Blake, a child growing up unaware of his infant diagnosis of hermaphroditism.

Mother and midwife sense girl, father and doctor insist boy.

As he is being raised male in Labrador, where one bows to the supremacy of the land or dies. Wayne’s body screams ‘girl’ from every pore and his loving family gradually disintegrates from the weight of this unspoken situation.

Wayne has one psychic and practical advocate in Thomisina, the midwife who attended his birth. A woman with tragedies of her own with which to contend,
she provides a slender lifeline to the troubled and confused Wayne.

The landscapes, physical and mental, while bleak, are richly described and tenderly handled.

The lives of these characters are graced with silent redemption as time takes it’s toll.

This is Katherine Winter’s first novel.

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