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National Library Week

National Library Week

It is National Library Week and a wonderful time to stop and think about what the Library means to you. National Library Week was established in 1958 by the American Library Association (ALA). It is celebrated each April with a special theme and opportunities to promote use and support of the library.

This year’s theme is Create Your Story @ Your Library. We’d love if you shared your stories with us!

In addition, ALA is encouraging library users to tweet a twaiku (Twitter haiku) about their love of libraries for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. All submissions must be tagged #nlwtwaiku.

What’s a twaiku, you ask? Simply put, a twaiku is haiku sent via Twitter. Twaiku use the same basic structure of 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively. Unlike a true haiku, a twaiku can only be 140 characters, or 130 with our #nlwtwaiku tag. The staff of atyourlibrary.org will post a selection of the best twaiku on www.atyourlibrary.org, where everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite through the end of National Library Week (Saturday, April 16).

Share your love of libraries with the rest of the community–tell us what the library means to you, how you use it, why you believe it benefits the community, or a personal story involving the library. We love the library!


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