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Quick Look at the New Sorting System

Quick Look at the New Sorting System

Another way in which the Cedar Rapids Public Library (CRPL) will be using technology to make the library more efficient and to help get materials back on the shelf a little faster is the installation of an automated sorting system. This system will take all the books, cds, dvds that our customers return and using a conveyor system, check the items in and distribute them in to the appropriate bin for re-shelving.


You can see how the use of incline allows the items to be separated as they travel along. Our system will have a series of bins that are designed for particular areas of the library, or to be transported to another library (Marion or Hiawatha). This system uses the same RFID (radio frequency identification) system that runs our self-checks. It all works together!

Once this system is installed in February, library staff will be able to spend less time pulling books out of bins and manually checking them in. There will be less injury as a result of the repetitive motion this creates. The staff will be able to spend more time doing library programs, reference, and assisting our customers.

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