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In the Armstrong Centre

In the Armstrong Centre

There is a transformation underfoot at the small downtown library located in the Armstrong Centre. This 2200 square foot space has been radically changed to accommodate what our customers were most asking for–computers and specific types of materials. These materials include popular books, magazines and movies.


Downtown branch

This is the way the downtown location looked prior to the reconfiguration.



Downtown branch now

This is the way the downtown location looks now!

The library is experimenting with new ways of organizing our books and other materials. One example of this is the forward facing materials you see in these pictures. This is something done in bookstores across the country, but it is still relatively new to libraries.


dvd shelves

This is an example of the forward facing shelving we are using at the downtown library location.


dvd holders

These are new dvd holders that allow us to show off our collection of dvds so that you can see exactly what is available

Another change that was made to the space was the addition of three more public computers. Access to free computing is one of the reasons many of our customers visit the downtown location. Realizing that there was more of a need than was being met by the three computers we already had in the space, the decision was made to increase the total to six.


We added three computers to the downtown library location. These three are set up in the front of the space near the windows.



We will look at our numbers to see what is working and what isn’t and adjust our model accordingly. In the meantime, visit the location downtown at 221 3rd Street SE and let us know what you think!


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