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Things are moving right along!

Things are moving right along!

The Cedar Rapids Public Library is changing the way we serve you and that means making some physical changes to our space. Some of these changes include:

  • We’re bringing in new self-check system to make checking out easy and convenient!
  • We are installing an automatic check-in system that will help us get items back to the shelf quicker!
  • New software will allow you to manage your library account using a credit or debit card!

We are freeing our staff up to give you the best possible library experience. The new technology will allow us to do more with our people, like help you find a great book or run a library program.

Self-Check machines will be installed in late November/early December. All changes are expected to be completed in February of next year.

Our new library project is in full swing! We are happy to be testing out some of our new tools and strategies here so we can offer two great libraries—West and downtown.

This process will take a few months and we know it may be an inconvenience at times–for that we apologize! The end result will be a library equipped with the tools to provide you with the best library experience possible. The cost for this project is funded through a federal grant we received in 2009.

former booknook

The Friends of the Library "Book Nook" moved from inside a small nook in the CRPL out to the main library. We will be using that space to install an automated sorter and book drop.

Former Periodical Section

This is where the periodicals used to reside! They are moving beside the QuickFlicks machines to make room for the new Book Nook!












new periodical section

The periodicals moved to the area next to the QuickFlicks machines.

current desk

The current desk will be moved to create a laptop bar. We will go from using a large desk to two smaller, less intimidating service desks.











New Service Desk

This is an example of the new service desks we will be installing in the library this fall. There will be two. Staff will be out on the floor with customers. You can spot them wearing bright orange lanyards!

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