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What’s the value?

What’s the value?

We talk a lot these days about the value of the public library. The way we communicate and the way we receive our information has changed dramatically in the past 25 years and the library must adapt to meet the needs of the user. We are constantly looking at new ways to bring value to you.

According to the State Library of Iowa, since 1999, library visits to Iowa public libraries increased 41 percent and the number of materials checked out rose 22 percent (1999 to 2009).  On average, Iowans checked out 78,636 items a day from their public libraries.

We have asked you before why you value the library, but now we are asking you to put a number to it! Using out library calculator, find out what you save each month by using the library. You may be surprised to see how much it is. And then send us a note or post here to let us know the total savings to your family.

Click here to get to our calculator.

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