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Building Our Future

Building Our Future

The Cedar Rapids Library, along with ImpactCR and the United Way of East Central Iowa’s Young Leader’s Network, held a reception Wednesday, August 18, at Theatre Cedar Rapids. The goal of this event was to engage young professionals in the area in a dialogue on the design of the new downtown library. Attendees were given a special opportunity to view the latest floor plans for the downtown library. Because the design is still in the “schematic” design phase, we are not displaying those floor plans on the blog. They can and most likely will change before being finalized. This was not a reveal but more of a focus group, and the information gathered at the event will be used to challenge our assumptions and improve our design.

There were five design priorities highlighted during the reception:

*   Young minds are worthy of our investment.
*   Literacy is cause for celebration.
*   Technology is for everyone.
*   Our community is stronger working together.
*   Paying the bills starts with sustainable design.

These are the five priorities that help guide the design process. While elements of the design may change, these priorities remain the same.
We hope you will share your thoughts with us as we continue this design process. Thanks to all who participated in the forums, focus groups, and reception. This is a building designed for the entire community and we are grateful for the input of all who are willing to share.

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